Why Stealth Club Covers?

Reduce Bag Over Crowding:

The Patented, Sleek design gives your bag 50% more room.

Guaranteed To Fit Regardless of Club Manufacturer:

Our Single Driver cover Fits 460 CC.

Exceptional Value:

The Most Affordable Way to Reinvent Your Bag.

Putter Boot'E Fits Both Blades & Mallets:

Trust Us...it Really Does Fit.

Durable Exclusive Powertexture:

Powertexture wears longer than smooth Neoprene.

Easy To Take On and Off:

Stealth Club Covers stretches naturally without using damaging glues.

High Quality:

Workmanship and materials are of the highest grade.


Tucks in your pocket during play.

Protects From Theft:

Does not advertise brand-name clubs to thieves.

Award-Winning Packaging:

Optional pop-off plastic.