How are the covers made?

All covers are made with a 100% stretch material with seams that are sewn with elastic threads so the covers glide and mold to fit the many shapes and sizes of clubs. The covers have a smooth interior with no bulky seams giving maximum protection.


Will the cover fit 460cc Driver?

Yes, the entry of the cover looks small but the cover is designed to stretch. Ease of entry will increase with use. Try the cover “on and off” a few times and see how it transforms into a perfect fit.


Does the cover fit the new larger bullet shape Drivers?

Yes, new larger shapes enter at the side of the club head. Slide cover from corner point, and pull down.


I see similar covers what makes Stealth different?

Stealth holds patents on our designs and materials that give the100% stretch. These high-grade materials and workmanship makes the covers mold to the club. With the help of US Customs and our Legal Department each day we continue to remove imposters from the shelves of retailers. Many have tried to imitate Stealth with low-grade materials that do not stretch or harden in the sun. Don’t be fooled!


How do I order additional ID Tags?

Email your request and we will send FREE. Tags are sent via US Post Office. A confirmation email or call will be made to tell you they are on the way (3-4-5-6-7-8-9 tags available).


I lost the #3 or #5 in my set can I replace just one cover?

Yes, contact us. You will be surprised how many times this happens and the solution we offer.


Why is J. Crain Corporation on my credit card statement?

The product name is Stealth Club Covers; the name of the parent company is J. Crain Corporation.


Why is it named STEALTH?

The idea of the cover came from the founder who had their expensive clubs stolen and felt that the headcovers that came with the clubs advertised to thieves. So hence the name Stealth, flying under the radar, no one knows what brand of clubs that are in your bag.


What fits a regular mallet putter?

Our patented Putter Boot’E fits both blade and small mallets. Really!


Does your mallet putter cover fit a center-shafted club?

Sorry, no it does not.


Is the Hybrid Mini sold individually or is that a set?

Our pocket mini is sold individually with interchangeable tags.


In the Hybrid Set of 8 are the covers all the same size?

The covers are graded to fit the smaller and larger hybrid irons.


Do you make iron covers?

No, not at this time.