Hybrid ID 5h-6h-7h -  Royal/Black

Hybrid ID 5h-6h-7h - Royal/Black

Product Code: 05020-INT(5h-6h-7h)
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The Hybrid Interchangeable 5h-6h-7h is designed specifically for Hybrids, "Rescue" clubs and Driving Irons. Stealth Club Covers guarantees to fit 16-30 degree lofts regardless of club manufacturer. For the player with more than one hybrid club, Stealth Club Covers offers Interchangeable Tags (5h-6h-7h). Stealth Club Covers have a superior fit, durability and ease of use. The sleek design allows clubs to sit compactly and reduces overcrowding.

Product Features:
  • Color:   Royal Blue/Black
  • For Hybrids, Rescue, Utility and Iron Woods. 
  • Fits 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 Clubs of 16 to 30 degree loft.
  • Interchangeable ID Tags (5h-6h-7h) Included.
  • Cover length protects the shaft but does not jam into the bag.
  • Protective covers are designed to allow the clubs to sit compactly in the bag, eliminating overcrowding.
  • Our covers glide on with no bulky zippers or magnets banging the shaft during bumpy cart rides.
  • The patented covers are constructed of durable neoprene with elastic thread allowing the covers to mold and fit the club shape the more the cover is used.
  • Same design, easy to use, durable and outstanding quality as our Set of 1-3-5.
  • Guaranteed to fit regardless of club manufacturer.